Together through life

March 7, 2009

Dylan has surprised us all.  While the last 3 albums have been highly anticipated leaving us counting down the days, this album comes out seemingly out of no where.  When the local record store called me to tell me it was out 4 days early, I should have expected it.

Dylan is a true artists, and true art progresses.  I think it is difficult to have the freedom to do what you want in the entertainment industry.  In order to survive you really have to do what others want.  Dylan is in a unique position to be a living legend with no need to perform, or record other than pure personal desire.

Together through life seems to end the last trilogy of classic solid albums.  While I don’t think Dylan has ever recorded a “filler” song this album defiantly has tracks that stand on their own more than others.  While the album has a very authentic dusty sound musically, lyrically it doesn’t tie together. The accordion is a welcomed addition, however tends to overpower the rest of the band and distractingly competes with Dylan’s vocals at times.

I don’t hear a consistent theme in the record, which is usually a noticeable undertone when listening to his 32 other recordings.  I do sense  his sarcastic optimism but not as deep or profound as in the past.  And he most notibly was going for a southern Tex-ican feel, but the stories behind the songs feel a bit lack-luster and perhaps forced.

All in all it will certainly be one of the best albums to come out this year.  I’m comparing Dylan to Dylan which is entirely unfair, compared to the rest of the albums produced in today’s industry he’s untouchable.

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